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We make life easier, safer & happier for elders & their loved ones.

Why Family Friends elder companions?


Resourceful & trusted companions to seniors

The term “Family Friends” literally describes who we are and what we do. Although we do not provide physical care, we are eyes and ears for families. We are elder companions to seniors in Brookline, Newton, Needham and surrounding towns.

We provide trusted, reliable and creative elder care services.

  • We see that our clients eat healthy meals, stay hydrated and remember to take their medications. 

  • We are appointment companions . . . we drive clients and attend appointments. We report back to families and often set up a call during the session so that everyone hears the same information.

  • We look at their physical surroundings and make recommendations about keeping their homes safe as they age.

  • We provide safe, reliable transportation 

  • While fulfilling these responsibilities, we ensure that your loved ones are nourished literally and emotionally so that their sense of purpose and relevance remains in tact … or is brought back to life.

Give us a call. There is no charge for our initial in-person consultation. 

We are insured and bonded.




Jen G.


 Family Friends Boston - I couldn't recommend more highly. I hope in a paragraph I can convey what Carolyn and her team did for my grandmother and our family. 

There is companionship, but one cannot imagine hiring companions that are able to be MORE loving, attentive, thoughtful, perceptive, professional, and giving than your own family. Family Friends Boston makes that happen. They entered our family with open ears and discretion. They got to know my grandmother and each one of us. They showed up on time on work days and popped in for visits on days off. They brought home cooked food, ran errands, rubbed feet, laughed, cried, colored, shared, and loved. They liased with medical care when necessary and supported our family when times got tough. They showed up alongside hospice at all hours. They treated my family like their own. We love them like our own. You will not be able to find better care for your loved one and support for you and your family. The only downside? When my grandmother died, we no longer get to be with these angels as they were a companion for her. I cannot say enough about Family Friends Boston.

Ellen R.


Family Friends Boston’s tagline, “Joy for Seniors. Peace of Mind for Family” says it all. The FFB team won my mom over right away even though she was resistant to having any support. 

They’ve engaged my mom in a variety of ways from conversation and singing to playing scrabble and gin rummy. She now really values their companionship. Our family feels like they’re an extension of our family, relying on them not only for their friendship with our mom/grandma and coordinating her activities, but for guidance on how to handle different situations given their elder experience. They're a loving and caring team. We feel blessed to know and work with Family Friends Boston. 

Karen G.


My mother was living  in a nursing home nearby with an excellent reputation for providing quality care for its residents.  I was fortunate to be able to spend a lot of time with her, visiting her several days each week. However, we all have busy lives and sometimes I just couldn’t get there.  

Family friends of Boston visited with my mom in her residence, sometimes just a social visit and at other times, providing an activity, such as baking.  She so looked forward to these visits, almost like it was a visit from a family member.  They got to know her on a personal basis—learned about her background and her family.  It gave her an opportunity to talk about herself, to brag about her grandchildren, and to tell some of her favorite stories to someone new. 

One of the best aspects of Family Friends of Boston is that they really feel like members of our family, but always professional, always kind and caring.  For me especially because I have a very small family and few members who live nearby, this gave me a break when I needed it.  When I went on vacation, I knew my mom wouldn’t be lonely, and I could spend time away with my husband and children, and not feel guilty about being away.  I highly recommend FFB as an excellent resource for all elderly or homebound senior citizens.

A few more accolades

Pamela B.


They say it takes a village 

and I guess that is true, 

however of greater value 

is our partnership. 

Your thoughtful care of my 

mother has improved her 

life, and, thankfully given 

me a life. Your intellect

and creativity and your 

desire to be ‘of service’ is 

evident in all your good 

works and your demeanor.

We are so grateful.

Bonnie P.

Elder Companion
elderly man

My father was visiting  for a long weekend. I had to work on Monday and I didn't want him to spend the day alone. Carolyn met him in the morning and they spent the day together ~ they toured a library and had lunch at an Eastern European restaurant.  My father was so energized and happy at the end of the day.

Linda T.


You have such insight into moving Mom from tears to not tears – it’s a huge relief to me and I’m filled with gratitude that you have this emotional/intellectual ability. Your insight is so helpful. Keep up all the great effort and enjoyment with her. It means so much. How do you do it? You are a gem. You make me want to cry.  You understand (my Mom) her so well.